Friday, July 31, 2009

Work Stuff

I haven't really been working on any art lately.
Say for the graphic design related things I have to do at work now.
Even though it's not much too look at,
I feel like I have to put up something new,
that you can actually look at, and not just read.

The consistency of the images I used in the posters
(say the fruit for example),
were not very... let's just say... consistent. Lol.
But whatever.

Yea. Kinda lame.
I should really get back into drawing traditionally especially.
I feel like my skill level is going to crap.
> <

Thursday, July 23, 2009

College System Sucks

Fuck PCC registration. Seriously.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy Much

I've been super busy lately, but that's a good thing since I feel like I'm being a LOT more productive.

I just got a full time job at Fong's Graphics and Printing around two weeks ago. Wow. It's been that long already. At work there I've been pretty much been organizing and backing up ridiculous amounts of files, and now I'm working into making stock posters for them. Yay. :]

And just yesterday I just started working with the crew from RADisRAD ( All the guys are pretty chill, and it was fun talking to them and finding out more about them. I also got to watch them to screenprints on shirts and stuff. I only had one year of screenprinting class in high school, but we only did prints off of linocuts pretty much. But by working with Randy and the crew, I get to learn about printing on fabrics. And I got to help him out with his new line of characters.
(But shhh. That's a secret. :P)
Here's Randy's blog if you guys are interested.

To Do List For the Summer::

2. Get a paying job.
3. Be a better trance DJ, build up library, and get more gigs.
4. Join the RADisRAD crew.
5. Draw a lot more and get better at traditional media.
6. Work on those Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator skills.
7. Make a DJ logo for yourself, one for Elvin aka "Jellybeanx," and one for you together.
8. Make a logo for Conrad's "454 Productions" film company.
9. Make a logo for Kristen's "Game Meets Girl."
10. Work on Brian's t-shirt design for Threadless.
11. Get your driver's license.
12. Register for next term/semester classes at PCC, ACCD Night, and Concept Design Academy.
13. Build up portfolio for entrance into ACCD Entertainment Design in Fall 2010.
14. Help Cheng with his art-ness.
15. Work out more, and try and be not so skinny I guess.
16. Be a better freehander, and get to GOD status.
17. Sway a cute fobby Asian girl and make her yours. Win. :P

But yea. Life is pretty good coming out of high school. :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's A Dude Named Ben

he just looks like someone who could be called ben.