Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Business Card

epic win.
just gotta get it printed now.

this is supposed to be the front.

and this the back.

also for some odd reason the second image is a lot lower quality,
i'll fix that in a bit.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Other Hand...

So high school is over and done with,
and summer started for me.
i started out with going out and hunting for jobs with a friend.
so far its been pretty fun and lame at the same time.
(the lame part was just getting rejected, everything else was cool)

i've also enrolled in adv. figure drawing at concept design academy.
it's a great place, and i'm really enjoying my time spent around it
4 hours of figure drawing on friday nights,
and to back it up,
i'm starting to attend figure drawing workshops at nucleus in alhambra (three hours)!
i just had my first workshop there a couple hours ago.
(close to the end though my stomach started to ache and i could barely focus.
it's all good though!)

so i'll definitely have more figure drawing up at the very least!


been a while since i posted any actual art on here.

i've been so eager to try and do just that,
especially after a friend shared some photoshop tips with me just recently.
so i've been experimenting mainly with brushes for just now.

this is based off of ashley wood's apparel concept for halo 3.
(another artist to add to my list of inspirations; his pieces pertty crazy.
i think he has perhaps the most unique style i've ever seen.
if you haven't seen his stuff, go.

if you zoom in on this it looks like unintelligible monkey scribbles tried to make art.
but from futher away it looks fine, so i must be doing something right!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

the Finale

wow. i haven't posted since the 31st of May.
really sorry for the lack of artwork as of late especially.
i've been pretty busy with school.

but at this point,
i only have 17 hours before i walk across a stage to recieve my diploma,
and finally be done with high school.
but i don't really feel excited, or scared.
just relieved.
i guess it hasn't really hit me yet.
but i'm going to expect myself to wake up
around 8 on monday morning, expecting to go to school,
then going "wait. now what?"

but, it doesn't feel too long ago that i graduated from middle school.
and now i'm leaving high school.
i'm not scared of graduating,
but the fact that these four years of my life have gone by in a flash,
really freaks me out.
time goes by almost too fast for me to catch up with.

but i'm definitely going to miss everyone i've met over the past few years.
no doubt about it.

on a different note,
i'm enrolled in Concept Design Academy's Adc. Figure Drawing class!
yay! (it's going to be my second figure drawing class ever)
theres a blog for it, but i think its restricted only to our class members.
but i'll make sure to put up stuff from it!