Monday, April 12, 2010

Neverending Story: Ext. Environment IX

From one of my thumbsies in my last post. Thumbnail number IX.

Too lazy to clean it up at the moment, but here it is!



For right now though, there is really nothing special about the environment itself. So I talked to Rodney about illustrating these things in the next revision:
Story Point:
- Scene in a jungle before Atreyu meets Gmork.
Key Facts from Story:
- Atreyu ventures into man-made (cave) with stone bricks and walls, and murals depicting key points and characters in the story.
- The earth is experiencing disaster at the moment, ie earthquakes ( due to the invasion of the Nothing) as Atreyu meets Gmork.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Neverending Story: Ext. Environment Thumbs

My thumbnails for my Neverending Story exterior environments in Rodney's class at CDA.

Ivory Tower: I-III and VI.
Falcor's Nest: IV, VII, and X.
Forest: V, VII, and IX.
Rockies/Desert: XI and XII.
Swamp: XIII and XIV.

I'm actually having a hard time deciding on a certain thumb to take on a higher level for class; I like most of them equally for the most part.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

External HDD + Spider Stand Combo

Today's product concept: An external hard disk drive and a spider stand combo to accompany it.

This was actually done just yesterday morning at Art Center while waiting around for the rest of my classmates from the incoming fall/spring term to show up for the ACCD Admitted Student Night. All of them are very friendly and outgoing , and it makes me feel so much better to know my new peers in person.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Semi-Weekly Moleskine Post (No. 5)

I lied. Weekly Moleskine update now turned into semi-weekly. So... Count this as update No. 5 from now on alright? 6 pages every half a week, or something like that. That means I'm making the jump from 10 to 12 pages a week now. :P

21 + 22

23 + 24 Inspired by/done at Lake Balboa when I was hanging out with Jenny Yan and her SG buddies.

25 + 26 My self-anticipated toilet paper system. Please don't steal. > <

Mainly cause I wanted to share my toilet paper dispenser sketches. Yeh I'm weird. And hey, it's all landscape today!

Toilet Paper Dispenser: The Problem

I find that I let out more creative and fun sketches in cases of extreme boredom. Like at work. One example of this is my concept for a toilet paper dispenser redesign. I have two pages worth filled with this just from doodling at work, and it's actually an idea I want to take further. :]

First step: The problem.

I'm annoyed at the fact that on top of taking the roll out of it's wrapping, we have to slide it over a telescopic pole, then pinch that so we can actually fit it into the device which holds up that roll. Urgh.

I already have a way, though it's not necessarily a solution actually, just a different way for those annoyed with this whole process like I am. Haha. When I upload my Moleskine updates you'll see, or perhaps before that I'll actually flush it out in Photoshop like I was doing just now.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Moleskine Update Wk. 2

Sorry about this late update on my Moleskine progress. I had an intense and immensely fun second half of a week, so I haven't been able to do my two pages a day. I did manage a bit over ten pages though, so I'll be posting what I promised.

11 + 12

13 + 14 The odd one out lol. Only page so far uploaded in landscape format, cause I spent more than a page on that little cliffside enviro.

15 + 16 Signed by Andy Park, Jung Park, and Cecil Kim at the GOW III exhibit at Nucleus last weekend! CRAZY COOL. :D

17 + 18

19 + 20

Wishing everyone a good and well month of April!