Monday, April 12, 2010

Neverending Story: Ext. Environment IX

From one of my thumbsies in my last post. Thumbnail number IX.

Too lazy to clean it up at the moment, but here it is!



For right now though, there is really nothing special about the environment itself. So I talked to Rodney about illustrating these things in the next revision:
Story Point:
- Scene in a jungle before Atreyu meets Gmork.
Key Facts from Story:
- Atreyu ventures into man-made (cave) with stone bricks and walls, and murals depicting key points and characters in the story.
- The earth is experiencing disaster at the moment, ie earthquakes ( due to the invasion of the Nothing) as Atreyu meets Gmork.


  1. Haha thanks Lulu... Yay for overlay layers. :D

  2. Just looked through...most of your stuff is sheer talent & genius. Very few people I know with artistic/design aspirations strike me as having the actual ability to achieve them, but I think you do. It's really impressive.

    Good luck with everything! <3

  3. Wiiiilson, these are faaaabulous. hahaha. I love where this class is taking you and I agree with Lulu: great lighting. :D

  4. Whooaa. Always bogglin' my mind. Proud of you.
    I'll always cherish Ramen Girl.

  5. Ahhhhh Naomi I miss you where are you?! QQ