Sunday, May 31, 2009

Torq Practice Set (Fail Set)

Sunday night.
Instead of doing my English or Econ homework,
I spent an hour trying to practice mixing on Torq.
I still havent gotten used to it,
but beatmatching on it is for some reason easier than on VDJ.

But this was a really messy set.
Like... bad.
The powers that be did not have me do well on this one.
Transitions were terrible, and I screwed up the effects in some places.
Its been my off week I guess.
Or, I was talking to Elvin about this,
and he says this, in fob speak status,
"Well its bcuz you have been practicing way too hard bro :)
you need to let it flow to you don push it it is all about having fun :)"

Haha I guess that could be another reason too.
Even though it was a pretty off set, I see no other reason not to put it out there.
Maybe you guys can tell me if it's actually some technical thing that I'm missing.
I don't know.

I... hope you guys enjoy the set?

Your's truly.

1. You Never Said (Dash Berlin Remix) - Cerf Mistika & Jaren
2. Wasted (Original Mix) - Andy Duguid ft. Leah
3. Lost (Club Mix) - Sunlounger
4. Cygnes - Mr. Sam ft. Claude9
5. Out of the Sky (Kyau & Albert Mix) - Lange ft. Sarah Howells
6. Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Remix) - Markus Shulz
7. Still Alive (Armand Van Helden Mix) - Lisa Miskovsky

Running Time: 1 hr. 5 min. 27 sec.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Practice Set

Tuesday night. Bit tired. Had a long day.
Buuut... I had that urge to mix a little bit and practice around 10 at night.
What was originally supposed to be just a short practice session
turned into a pretty decent hour long mix (I think).
A lot of good vocal trance to be found here. Makes me happy.

I didn't spam effects (as much) this time around.

Enjoy the set!

Your's truly,

1. Fine Without You - Armin van Buuren ft. Jennifer Rene
2. You're Not Alone (Jose Amnesia Dub Mix) - Jose Amnesia w/
You're Not Alone (Jose Amnesia Club Mix) - Jose Amnesia & Una
3. On a Good Day (Daniel Kandi Remix) - Oceanlab
4. Anticipation (Original Mix) - Lemon & Einar k
5. Burned with Desire - Armin van Buuren ft. Justine Suissa
6. Out of the Sky (Kyau & Albert mix) - Lange ft. Sarah Howells
7 Home - Above & Beyond
8. Sky Falls Down (DJ Shah Remix) - Oceanlab
9. Beautiful - Ferry Corsten
10. Sunset Girl - ATB
11. No One on Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix) - Above & Beyond

Running Time: 1 hr. 5 min. 27 sec.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

more naked peoples

around 30-40 minute figure drawing sketches
from a while back.
i found these when i was looking for samples
to send to Concept Design Academy.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

some more digital figure drawing

buut on the other hand
i must be getting better.
there arent as many tones in these.
but they definitely took A LOT less time than that last one.
(one week time difference also)

45 minutes.

30 minutes.

30 minutes.

i did these in figure drawing.
chronologically from bottom to top.


digital figure drawing

from figure drawing class last thursday.

my first time trying figure drawing in photoshop.
really, REALLY hard.
> <
i spent nearly all of arts on this one,
and it still doesnt come out to be that good.

Monday, May 11, 2009

calendar work

graphic design assignment.
make a calendar. each student makes a month,
and i got april 2010.

it's not completely finished.
i still have the grid to do and the dates to fill in.
ill post it up when its finally done.
which should be soon.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Figure Painting

these photographs did the paintings no justics.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mad weekend

holy crap its been a long while since i've posted anything.
more than a week.

the reason being that this was a pretty hectic week

i had my school's film festival submission deadline coming (moondance)
and i was pretty much editingk, filming, and doing nothing but more editing
my film for the past couple of days (since friday at 9:30 a.m.)
since then i havent slept until at least 4 each day,
and had to wake up at 8 to get stuff done.
i've been staring at the computer so much,
my eyes almost want to bleed.

buut this will come to an end pretty soon (hopefully)

on the plus side i picked up a piece of equipment for djing.
an m-audio x session pro midi controller/mixer.
i've spun a little before in collaboration
with my good friend Elvin Ong, aka jellybeanx,
but just yesterday night actually i made my first mix alone.
and i think for a first timer,
mad awesome.
just 20 minutes ago too i made a full hour on mix.

but heres the first one i did,
most of its pretty clean, with the exception of the end track.
i messed up a bit there.
i asked a friend for input, but he says he didn't notice.
let's see what you guys think.
half hour mix, four songs.

ill upload my other one tomorrow