Saturday, April 30, 2011

Design Process 1 Final - Renderings

This was for my Design Process 1: Development of Space final... Just some quick paintings of a Tron: Legacy themed Taschen bookstore at the Grove's Farmers Market; we had to redesign the bookstore and the clock tower on top of it. It's in the process book post I made earlier today but here are the individual paintings.

I could've sworn I painted this on a slightly brighter scale... It's dark but... meh. :]
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Friday, April 29, 2011

1st Term Process Books and Journals!

Nicely printed with laminate covers and spiral bounding and everything.
They're much nicer in printed form... >W< Design Process 1: Development of Space (ENTD)

Design Fundamentals 1

Way Things Work

1st term down!
P.S. - Me birthday was yesterday. Many thanks for all the birthday wishes and all, and hanging out with some of the classmates yesterday for some sushi dinner and some Rango was fun. And of course thanks to my bao bei. <3

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