Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toilet Paper Dispenser: The Problem

I find that I let out more creative and fun sketches in cases of extreme boredom. Like at work. One example of this is my concept for a toilet paper dispenser redesign. I have two pages worth filled with this just from doodling at work, and it's actually an idea I want to take further. :]

First step: The problem.

I'm annoyed at the fact that on top of taking the roll out of it's wrapping, we have to slide it over a telescopic pole, then pinch that so we can actually fit it into the device which holds up that roll. Urgh.

I already have a way, though it's not necessarily a solution actually, just a different way for those annoyed with this whole process like I am. Haha. When I upload my Moleskine updates you'll see, or perhaps before that I'll actually flush it out in Photoshop like I was doing just now.

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