Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To the New Year

Hey everyone sorry for the lack of updates as of late. Been through a lot lately, but new pieces will come very soon.

Recent activities have included going to Japan for six days (the above photo was a little bit of fun I caught on camera while I was there), staying in Guangzhou (China) for another six, working on portfolio (especially important), sleeping late, and eating instant noodles.

Did I mention a portfolio? Of course I did.

This portfolio is for Art Center's Entertainment program. I'm hoping to get in a lot more than the 35-ish pages that I currently have in there. Another 20-25 to be exact. I'm aiming to turn it in on the 10th; the priority deadline runs from the 1st til the 15th of February. I'll have a bunch of work up to make up for the lack of recents posts. Wish me luck everyone!

I've also had a great change of heart and mentality due to a realization I've come to. And I feel great. Happy (belated) New Year everyone! Hope all is well, and that it will last beyond just this year!

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  1. Wilson, I'm excited to hear about where the future leads. It sounds like through our conversation yesterday, you've found more of your voice.