Sunday, September 7, 2008

Me first post.

heey everyone.
me name's wilson.
and... uh, i'm a taurus?

i started this blog a while ago so i can upload my own work.
and its been probably a month or two since i did that,
so i figured id better get to starting the damn thing.

what kind of work you ask?
i do art... not the fine artist abstract stuff,
like a square and a dot and some splatters, not that it doesnt look nice sometimes.
but i'm more oriented towards a design perspective.
trying to go with the "form with function" kind of mentality.

i'm currently a senior in an arts high school in the los angeles area in california.
and after i graduate in june 2009, i'm heading straight to
art center college of design in pasadena in fall 2009.
as for what major, i'm trying to decide between transportation and entertainment.

and i guess that's enough for my first post for now,
my next post i'll upload some of my work for sure.

- w.huang

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