Sunday, September 7, 2008

okay. some introductory artwork for an online community.

in my spare time,
i glowstick.
a lot, actually. 
it's a hobby, and i think it's another nice creative outlet, besides just drawing.

so... i'm part of of, a gigantor online community dedicated to just that art.
these little sketches you see here, are preliminary 3 minute doodles i did while looking at a freehanding video of a friend of mines, and i am hoping to turn these into gs.c wallpapers.

the 2nd picture you see is a more detailed sketch i was actually going to use in making
that wallpaper. but, i'm not that proud of this, mainly because i made it look a lot more stockier, and the proportions are off. but, photoshop i available for fixing things like this.
- w.huang

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