Thursday, April 2, 2009

happee tymez!!!

my favorite month of the year.
and it's not cause my birthday's in it,
but because a lot of close friends of mine have birthdays in april too.
and the name just screams "HAPPEE TYMEZ!!"
and spring.

and i could definitely go for some ramen right now.
the chinese text says
"ch fan le, tsiao pung yo."
"time to eat now, little friend."
(wow, that sounds so much lamer in english)

this is a stephan martiniere inspired sketch.
some little forest creature he did that was really cool.
this is pretty much the same thing, with slight differences
(since i was drawing it from memory)

april also means spring.
i guess i'm especially looking forward to it this year
cause imma be heading over to mammoth to catch some snow over spring break.
with a couple of friends.
and snowboarding.
before all the snow melts.


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