Saturday, April 25, 2009

Minor Facts to Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure

i did this as an info block for the senior show.
speaking of which:

it says...

- Wilson Huang was born April 28, 1991.
- He started drawing when he was just a wee four year old.
- His first works were made up of unintelligible monkey scribbles.
- Much of his initial art consisted of cartoons with color pencils and markers.
- In 6th grade he moved on to still life drawings with charcoal.
- In 8th grade he started with painting landscapes with oils.
- He entered LACHSA as a freshman in the visual dept. after middle school.
- Sophmore year on he took industrial design classes at Art Center in coincidence with LACHSA arts classes.
- Winter of senior year he started to work extensively in digital mediums.
- Now it’s safe to say he’s moved on from the monkey scribbling. :]


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