Thursday, September 17, 2009

Intro to Entertainment Project Brief

So I don't have to explain every aspect of a lot of things I'm going to be doing in the class..

"A group of explorers find an old relic that leads to a great treasurein a city that has been long lost. They decide to form a team and go on an expedition in order to find tihs city and its hidden treasure. The explorers realize that in order to get to this uncharted destination, they would need to use a unique vessel as well as a vehicle/tool to overcome an obstacle and retrieve the treasure.

When they first arrive they encounter a local merchant who becomes their guide. The group experienced first hand the city's unique technoloty that has allowed the city to devlop over time into its own self-contained metroplos. In an effort to gain their trust the merchant shows them around the city and gives them clues about how to retreive the treasure.

After realizing that his guests have the missing tool to reach this treasure, the merchant attempts to take advantage of the team and take the treasure. The team discovers the merchant's evil plan and must decide to retrieve/build the tool and obtain the treasure, or simply escape with their lives..."

So for all you aspiring artists looking to go into the entertainment industry theres a generic plot with potential to become something great. :]

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