Friday, November 6, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts. Welcome to November everyone.

Just downloaded a new program called Alchemy a friend was telling me about in our Intro to Entertainment class at Art Center Night.

First time messing around with it. It's pretty bizarre, but the concept isn't that hard to understand once you put in like 5 minutes worth of hands-on experience on it.

Check it out at

"The Alchemy drawing canvas has an intentionally reduced level of functionality. No undo, no selecting, and no editing. Interaction focuses instead on the output of a great number of good, bad, strange and beautiful shapes."

" a way to explore and experiment with alternative ways of drawing."

...Pretty crazy shit. Now I don't have to worry about trying to find new ideas if i get an "artist's block" like I so often do. I feel like I can also pull off weird and graphic fine arts stuff like nothing now. :D


  1. Hey wilson! Nice shapes. Keep drawin man! and postin of course :)

    i got that effect with the airbrush. Just basically lasso out the areas you dont want to effect, and run it over with an airbrush (I hope that is what you mean)

  2. Haha thanks Angela. You should try out Alchemy too! And thanks for that tip, that was exactly what I was asking. :D