Friday, November 20, 2009

Intro to Ent: Week 10 HW

More homework from my Intro to Entertainment class. These were a few black and white value translations of the environment thumbnails I did in Week 8, painted in Photoshop.

Demo from my instructor Simon Ko (notice how it's better than my other ones) over my thumbnail of the Great Canyon area, with another hour of painting from me thrown on top. Thanks Simon!

The Cave area, where the lost civilization is found in. This one was especially hard, as it's really easy to lose the sense of scale... plus it's a compositional fail.

And the Waterfall area hiding the cave entrance. Meh. All I can say.

And finally something I'm a little better at! Ballpoint pen and Copic marker sketch! This is what the interior of the living quarters I had last time in my pages would look like. Pretty homey. Only thing that bugs me is that the tables and chairs aren't scaled properly.

Need to work on digital painting more. Probably still expecting too much from myself I guess. Well... practice makes perfect!

Also, finally added a box of SKB Secretary SB-1000 0.5 ballpoint pens to my tools. Haha. Pretty sexy pens to draw with, almost like a pencil, except with cleaner lines! Thanks Sherwin for helping me get them!

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