Friday, August 28, 2009

Smooth Insomnia Mix

Thursday night... or should I say Friday morning.
I know the title might not make any sense, but I'm starting to have a slight case of insomnia. But with a little bit of progressive, slower, smoother vocal trance tracks I could ease myself a bit to shleep mode.

And I'm sorry I haven't been releasing sets lately. I try to release one a week but with my ridiculous schedule the only time I find to do these kinds of things is late past midnight. There were a few messups here and there, but nothing too bad this time (at least I hope not). And I honestly think I am getting a little bit better!

But if you're having trouble getting to sleep, maybe this would help, like it did me! Give critique, leave comments, post your thoughts... I really want your input! I probably know where I messed up already, but it's always better to have it there written in black and white. As always, I hope you enjoy the set.

Your's truly,

1. Kaskade - 4 AM (Adam K & Soha Mix)
2. Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Cosmic Gate Remix)
3. Dakota vs. Marco V - Johnny the Unprepared Fox (Tsunami Mashup Mix)
4. Armin Van Buuren - Rain
5. Rex Mundo feat. Susana - Nothing at All
6. Cosmic Gate feat. Emma Hweitt - Not Enough Time (Club Mix)
7. Oceanlab - Miracle (Martin Roth Vocal Mix)
8. Ferry Corsten - Made of Love (Super8 & Tab Remix)
9. Armin Van Buuren feat. Jaren (First State Smooth Mix)

Running Time: 1 hr. 4 min. 25 sec.

Johnny the Unprepared Fox was one of the first three mashups me and Elvin did together. Most of the credit goes to him though, he's like the mashup genius in my opinion. Or maybe it's because he's been spinning for the longest time now. :P

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