Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Spring!

Or close to it anyhow. Little bit from my Environment Design class with Rodney at CDA for you guys.

The point of the assignment was to do a value/composition study of a film still, and then to do a reinterpretation of that composition. This one is taken from the near end of the film when the station blows. I think I overdid it on the value study though, I don't think i was supposed to have more than 3-5 values. Heh.

I'm a bit behind on homework for those CDA classes. That portfolio for ACCD left me dead tired, and I'm a bit sick now too. AND, my computer had been freaking out on me and freezing every couple minutes so I had to do a mega reboot and reinstall everything... > < Have to catch up soon, on top of classes at Pcc...

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  1. i think out of all the people i know . your drawings really blow my mind away .. that is true talent .. my friend . your art