Sunday, February 28, 2010

Env. Design @ CDA Week 3 HW - Neverending Story

Ey everyone! Been a while since I last posted. I'm still waiting on that acceptance package from Art Center... it's supposed to come in somewhere around Tuesday this coming week. Eee.

Anyways to give you guys something new to look at, in my Environment Design class with Rodney at CDA: I'm doing a modern take on the Neverending Story. In this fable there's a world in the book that runs parallel to ours called Phantásien. Phantásien itself is slowly being consumed by the Nothing, which results from the lack of imagination as well as positive feelings experienced by those in the Real World.

This week we pulled references from wherever to base the world we create upon, and did thumbnails/ideations to explore compositions.

I used highly congested metropolitan cities with high populations (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul). The idea was that the the congestion itself causes discomfort within the populace, easily allowing for the presence of the Nothing in Phantásien.

Karl Konrad Koreander's bookstore. To me, old bookstores with wooden ladders and shelves and the smell of old texts have a certain magic to them, so I looked at those for reference.

The Ivory Tower is the home of the Childlike Empress/Moonchild. I referenced a lot of Middle Eastern palaces and mosques because they are very distinct yet simple. I also imagined a lot of white stone or marble accented with gold or granite.

And the ideations/thumbnails for some compositions I'm interested in doing for the project.

Yeh. Thanks for viewing yo!

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