Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Game Art Center

So you know how I posted earlier that Art Center sent a letter saying we'll know in two weeks whether we got in or not right? One of my buddies called the admissions office yesterday and found out that letter applies not to Entertainment but to other majors instead... Entertainment applicants don't know until a month after. God damnit. And I was planning on checking my mail today too, throw us off on another loop why don't you...

Good game Art Center. Good game.

On another note, welcome to March guys!


  1. The suspense is just murderous isn't it? Hey, at least you're not an actor...it feels like this after every audition you do. And no matter how great your career is or isn't doing the suspense never gets any better. =oÞ

  2. Oh gosh, two more weeks then and everyone finds out?... It's too soon! D:

  3. Lol nooooo two weeks is too looong. Too much suspense lol. > <

  4. Omg, Wilson!
    That means you and I will get our decisions around the same time!!