Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Moleskine

So about a month or two ago I lost my old pocket Moleskine sketchbook somewhere on Pcc. Sad loss, I had some good stuff and some important info I was supposed to remember in there haha.

Good news is that after getting accepted into Art Center I celebrated, in addition to that logo rub-on on my car and a lanyard, I also bought a new Moleskine. I'm starting off great so far haha, much more dedicated to it than any sketchbook I've had. It must be that new motivation I'm getting from being accepted in Art Center.

Here's a little something something I have so far. Too lazy to rotate that other page. I've been trying Jerad's thumbnail process of sketching really small in an extremely short amount of time (thus producing somewhat a lot of happy accidents), and it's really cool to try out! I'm also getting back into some more product-esque doodles, just because I still love product. :]

I've gotten in a page a day at least so far, and I'm hoping to keep it that way. A doodle a day keeps the- err... I dunno. Something away. Drawing block? :]


  1. haha i love that "lol no, thats just bad" i was cracking up the whole time

  2. Lol haha cool that you noticed that. I actually tend to write funny things like that when I doodle. :]

  3. You draw so well Wilson. Sucks you lost your old book, but hey. There is always a future.

  4. Haha thanks Kristen, but I still have a lot more to learn. Hopefully I'll be able to get to even higher levels soon. :]

  5. I love the first set of sketches with the creatures! It'd be awesome to see you colour them. Do it do it do it.

    (also I just realized the bottom left monster you crossed out looks kind of like Lapras so now I'm totally GEEKING OUT)

  6. Haha these thumbnails are barely the size of my thumb, but I'm hoping to blow them up and do value/color sketches on them in Photoshop. :]

    And you are silly. :P