Friday, March 19, 2010

The End of the 4th Week

I would tell you a happy story of me getting my package from Art Center already. I mean c'mon, it's been over four weeks since I turned in that portfolio. But then...

So. Today started off on the wrong side of the bed. Literally. I found my head at the foot of the bed. Weather was cloudy, a little bit cold too. My mom raged at me when I woke up late because I was late for a class I dropped (I didn't tell her yet :l). So, rushing out of bed, multitasking as much as I can, even skipping my morning shower, and I ran out of the house in half the usual forty.

Funny thing is I didn't actually have class. I dropped it last week cause it was way too early in the morning for me. 8:45? Really? Well yes. But I happened to have class EVERY day of the week, negating my chances of sleeping in when I need it. It's alright though; this morning I just went over to Art Center's South Campus, slept at the desks there while I was waiting for my computer to update itself. I don't know though, somehow just being at Art Center made my day a lot brighter. Really. When I stepped out an hour and a half later to head to work, the sun was out, and the day was warm.

And then work. Oh yeah... work. Way to bring it back down again. Mom still raged at me a bit at work for earlier this morning. Not like working a mundane office job doing third-rate graphic design was bad enough.

Made it through that - lunch at 1:30. Carpooled with mom and dad back home for that. I almost forgot until Dylan Bocanegra called me asking if I got any word back from Art Center yet. Still on the phone, I got the keys for the mail and went to check up on it. Expecting nothing like I have for the past week, I was pretty freaked out when all of the contents fell out.

WAIT. What is this I see?

Guess what?! I'm in Art Center!

Weird thing is I'm going in for Spring 2011. Besides the fact that it's ANOTHER DAMN YEAR of waiting, entertainment students were originally only allowed entry in the fall. They mentioned opening up another student section for the major beginning next spring since there were so many promising applicants - probably meaning there is another class of entertainment (twice as many entering students). I just wonder how it's going to work out for us entering in the spring since we were technically allowed only two terms a year...

But I'm in. That's all that matters to me at the moment. And on the plus side I have a full year to improve even more before getting in. :]

And here's my cat, being just as enthusiastic about the whole Art Center thing.

Congratulations to the others that got in. Hit me up through my Facebook so we can get to know each other before the term!

Cheers all, and many thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. See you in class in 2011!

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  1. Hey Wilson! Congrats!! I found you through the Art Center Admissions facebook page (I got in for Ent Design for Fall 2010, YAY us for getting in! haha), and made my way over to check out your portfolio. It looks BEAUTIFUL! You did such a phenomenal job, and I love your creature-creation for it. Really wonderful environment work too. :D Anyway, just wanted to swing by and say hello. Congrats again! ~Amanda