Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week 5(?) Environments Stuff

Remember those reference pages for the Neverending Story I'm doing environments for in Rodney's class? Here's a quick (heh not really) interior painting with three different color comps.

Here is a slightly more recent update of the bookstore, along with Rodney's paintovers/suggestions after. The bigger piece has added dramatic lighting and atmosphere! Haha cool.

A lot of stuff I have to redo; composition is pretty much set, but I should work on regrouping my values to better communicate atmosphere (or dust in this case) and a lot of minor changes to the props.

These were the originals I did.

Achoo. Moving this into a more complete painting with color is going to be tough haha... Also photo credit goes to my older cousin Iris Fong in New York.


  1. I really liked them so I showed that I used them for reference... Haha sorry I didn't tell you earlier.